Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sunny Walk to the Market

A couple of times today I was tempted. Lying in front of the TV sure sounded comforting. After all, I devote my weekdays to a job that continually creeps into my evening and weekend thoughts. Though I appreciate passion for work, I often feel like the proverbial off-balance, three-legged table in need of a stabilizing force. And so today, though the courduroy of the couch beckoned, I chose instead to get outside.
I happen to find the idea of walking to the grocery store charming. (Who's with me?) And so, I scanned my favorite recipe site, decided tonight was the night for cheesy meatballs, grabbed the backpack from the basement, and made sure my walking playlist was ready to go. I then set out for the market just over a mile from home, conveniently sitting adjacent to the creek parkway between here and there.
Once outside, happily warmed by the 60-degree sun, I powerwalked more quickly than I'd intended, disappointing myself when I realized the store was only a few blocks away. At that moment, I approaced a pedestrian bridge that had been under construction all last summer. Though it would lead me away from where I was heading, I decided it was too inviting to pass up. For the next 45 minutes, I enjoyed my diversion, wandering wherever I chose, enjoying the immaculate homes just off the parkway.
Eventually, I felt ready to head to the store, where I selected my items, including, of course, multiple cheeses--cottage, ricotta, mozzerella, and provolone. On the way home, still energized by the light and leafiness surrounding me, I imagined that the dog walkers, bikers, and runners I passed were just as happy as I was. Two hours after I began, I returned home in the mood to cook. Now, the oven is beeping, and it's time to try out the new dish.


  1. I loved this post! You are a great writer Suzi!!

  2. Goodness Gracious you make me miss Minneapolis. I spent my rainy sunday on the couch between errands, and I did not feel good at the end of the day. This post inspires me to change that next weekend...