Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fudge Pie and Folk Songs

Cooking and music: This is the combination that filled my afternoon. Is something as simple as this enough? Today, for me, it was. I feel a sense of peace as I write this evening, continuing to hit repeat on a few songs from my cooking playlist, the ones that had best accompanied my afternoon mood of quiet contemplation and spinning beaters.
As I whipped the cream for the fudge pies cooling on their racks, overtaken with calm, a ballad came on. A stark voice punched through my portable speaker and enticed me to listen with all my attention. Like the the hum of the hand mixer, the song knocked my heart free. Anyone who's been in love has experienced the interplay of individuality and togetherness, but few of us could express it as beatifully as Carrie Elkin does in "Landeth by Sea:"

I can just see you, whilst you sail across the waters
And the winds will knock your heart free
You’ll take the pictures of life as a sailor
And you’ll send them to me
You’ll write me a story about waves that came crashing
And how they helped you find peace
I’ll write you a story about my garden of daisies
And tell ya it’s where I’m meant to be

Cause you’ve found your quiet now
And I’ve found my quiet
By landeth and by sea
But one can’t exist without the other to feed it
What’s that say about you and me
I’ve been meaning to ask
About you and me

Grateful for the opportunity I had to relish in the quiet I found, now it's time to wrap up those pies and head to the rellies' for dinner. . .

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