Sunday, April 3, 2011

A beginning.

What would happen if you devoted an hour of your day--4 percent of it--to the parts of your life that matter? I've decided to find out. Exploring this question, of course, means something different for each of us. Here is what it means to me.

On the simplest level, I can sum it up this way: Step away from the TiVo. At the end of a long day, I often want nothing more than to sink into our (new, cozy, extra-wide) couch and let someone else do all the thinking for awhile. And I'm okay with this. On any given day, that is. But when I look back over the last three years and picture my dinners, an alarming number of them involve the Table Mate II. Perhaps you know it, the special kind of tray that slides right in and provides unfettered access to your latest bowl of spaghetti. I knew it was tacky when I bought it--plastic designed to look like wood should always be grounds for immediate dismissal--but I simply couldn't argue with the sheer functionality of the thing. And just as I'd predicted, the tray has become a trusted companion, adjusting to my every height-related need.

So . . . watching less TV is a goal for me, and I hope this blog can help me achieve it. But that's not entirely why I'm here. I'm forever compelled by quotations such as this: "You become what you think about." I like that idea, that every day I get to choose who and what surrounds me. And, simply put, I'm tired of being tired. Instead, why not focus on the things that matter? If I can actually pull it off, drawing a box around an hour and filling it with the good stuff, I hope it will include these things:

  • Discovering my community
  • Surrounding myself with "doers."
  • Helping someone else
  • Creating something
  • Appreciating good food
  • Opening myself to spirituality
  • Learning from fellow seekers

Here's to giving it a try. Here's to finding 4 percent . . .

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