Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Weekend of (Too Much?) Possibility

Hello, weekend! Few things compare to having two whole days ahead of you to do practically whatever you want. The house is quiet, hubby and kitties are sleeping in, and a rabbits's exploring the barely green grass out back. Out there it's 43 degrees and heavy with grey, enticing me to do to anything but leave the coziness of home.

Days like this are ripe with possibility for a girl like me. Within minutes of waking up, I jumped through the list of things I'd do if only I could find the time:

I'll head to the fabric store for that blue-on-blue sundress I've been imagining! I'll get around to signing up for Race for the Cure! I start a calendar of Summer Adventures That Capitalize on The Awesomeness of the Twin Cities! I'll seek out the ultimate volunteering opportunity! I'll track down the latest Books and Bars selection so I can attend this series I've wondered about for three years running! I'll go to the DMV and update those tabs a full seven days before my car becomes illegal! I'll browse Easter recipes! (Surprise. This one actually did happen.) Now, I'll bake that bunny-shaped brioche with raisin eyes and a hazelnut nose!

Here's what actually happened: Entranced by the anticipation of so many wondrous things, incapable of selecting just one, I mindlessy browsed the web for an hour and a half. In the end, I will get where I want to go. I'll embrace a decision, and I'll act. Inevitably, it takes me awhile to transition out of work mode, where pre-determined tasks march endlessly ahead of me. Soon, very soon, I will make a move toward spending my life with intention, doing the things (okay, let's pick just one at a time) that matter.

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