Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Week, A Tiny Victory

If someone experiences a tiny victory through writing a blog, she's obligated to tell about it on said blog, no? Starting this process, I wondered if I had the guts to participate in the internet, rather than use it only as a passive surfer. Of course other, braver people use the web to find likeminded people and actually connect with them, but was this a risk I was willing to undertake? I waffled around for quite some time. Truth be told, I'd determined a year ago I was going to start a blog, but didn't follow through till this month.

And so, I was delighted two days ago, when a coworker stepped into my office and told me she'd read my blog. As it turns out, she, too, writes one--a practice she's been enjoying for the course of a year. We proceeded to have a hopeful conversation about what writing means to each of us. She, a mamma who's expecting, uses it as manageable alternative to her ultimate dream of writing one of the two novels burgeoning in her mind. Taking precious time for herself doesn't hurt, either.

The two of us have worked together, on the same team, for at least six years. I find it comforting to know that by reaching out--each in our own small way--we've both managed to discover not only a place of peace for ourselves, but also a community to encourage us.

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