Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zucchini, Dark Chocolate Chips, and a Sunday Afternoon

Today I did right by my Sunday afternoon and got around to some baking. I'm one of those (possibly annoying?) types who cannot bring herself bake unless she tries to incorporate some sort of health benefit. If you happen to watch Parks and Recreation (I never said I'd give up TV entirely, did I?), you'll understand my amusement about the fact that Rob Lowe's character reminds me, just the tiniest bit, of myself. Though I've never brought a veggie loaf to a party instead of cake, I admit I'm highly likely to sneak some sort of vegetable into a plate of cookies.

This afternoon, I did that very thing and whipped up a batch of some fave cookies: zucchini chocolate chip. (If you're a glutton for healthful punishment, or just happen to have an extra squash lying around, see the recipes section to find out how to make them.) Actually, these cookies always prove to be outstanding, in their cakey, satisfying-afternoon-snack kind of way. This time, I used 60% dark chocolate chips, which turned out to be a heavenly move. (I internally cheered with delight the other day when I discovered these on sale, for the first time ever.)

And so, though I did NOT manage to accomplish a variety of other things I probably should have done instead (such as, say, plan out actual meals for the week), I am satisfied in the knowledge that my snacks will be covered. For me, snacks are no laughing matter. I am utterly baffled by people who breezily say, "I just don't get hungry during the day. Sometimes I even forget lunch!" I, on the other hand, barely make it through the day without a morning AND an afternoon snack. Empty-caloried, sugar-only snacks need not apply. I need food, people!

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  1. Oh, Suzi, I miss you! I can so hear your voice your last sentence. I adore reading your thoughts, hopes, fears, and thrift store anecdotes, and I cannot wait to see you in August (I hope). Will send dates via email now. Love you! asl